Monday, June 11, 2012

Larger Pieces

My new 30x72" stainless steel table.
After working smallish in encaustic quite a long time, I finally decided that it was time to work larger. My sweet hubby happily started making me 24x24" boards. Working my way up to painting as large as I do in oil, will take a little time. Mainly because of logistics and technical challenges. Because I paint the pieces horizontally (I do hang them to check the work, and see how the look on the wall), I must have a surface large enough to physically hold the paintings.
This prompted an adventure into the far reaches of town. Thankfully my (amazing and brilliant) artist friend Patti Hough, was up for a ride. With her help I found a great restaurant supply store, that had exactly what I wanted. Not only that but they would assemble and deliver it, free of charge!
My lovely new table arrived at my studio (at N the Art Space) this morning. My dear friend (and landlord) Mark Nikoff, helped the delivery man carry it up the stairs.  I even have a revolving stand so that I can spin the painting while I work on it.
Larger pieces are currently in production.

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