Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cajun in Cape Cod

Today I am (nervously) excited to be packing, for a trip to Cape Cod. I will be attending the Sixth International Encaustic Artists Conference. There will be waxy goodness on esoteric level.
This will be an amazing time of learning and networking. Plus being in the gorgeous area, (with cool weather) will be a treat.
There are a gazillion events to keep me busy at the conference. Speakers, demo's, art shows and other amazing functions. There is even a hotel art fair. We will be bringing, and showing some of our own art in our hotel rooms! I have been working away at the studio, making small (easily packable) pieces. I hope they are well received. (Kinda scared-ish.)
It will be rarefied air as many, many of the top names in encaustic painting will be in attendance, either speaking, demoing or doing workshops. (I won't be able to attend a workshop, because of time constraints.)
When I get back, I will hit the ground running with (teaching) four workshops in the next month or so.  Whomever is in these upcoming workshops will get the benefit of whatever new knowledge I acquire, in Provencetown. I hope to be encausticating at a much higher level as well.
Hubby will be maintaining the home front and  taking care of sweet joy Green. They will be missing me.