Thursday, April 5, 2012

Water From Wax

After working with encaustic for quite some time, I have finally gotten to the place, where I feel like I can successfully do the "Living Water" series. Not that I could not always make a water painting from encaustic. What I wanted to do... What I felt I needed to do, was to bring something different to the series. Something that could not be achieved with the oil paint, I have loved for so long. There are so many other directions I can go in the wax, I didn't want to do "Living Water" until I had a fresh look for it. After multiple attempts, and some marginal success, I have finally come up with the process that (while still keeping the essence of the series) takes it farther. Using multiple layers, as well as multiple techniques. I am pleased with the work that is happening. Sooo, I am back in the water. This time it is waxy and warm.
"Living Water 44"  12"x24"