Monday, February 27, 2012

Planning with Pinterest

Today, I was catching up with a dear friend, on the phone, when she asked me if I had any ideas for a wedding shower decor. Boy did she ask a loaded question!
When I replied in the affirmative, she hopped in her snazzy little SUV and drove right over.
We had a quick lunch of Tuscan lentil soup and steamed asparagus, and got right down to business. Armed with my Mac Book Pro a fast internet connection, and Pinterest, we were on our way! 

There are just so many clever, easy to do ideas, we had a hard time narrowing down the list!!

easy to make

Finally it came down to these amazing tissue paper flowers  ~~~> 

this felt bunting,

                                            these floating tea lights ~~~>

and this cute cupcake liner flower.
(Maybe a couple other paper garland ideas as well.)

I kept getting distracted with all of these yummy, clever dessert ideas, but she was not in charge of dessert, so she kept us on track.

  She left me craving cupcakes and wondering where and when I will be able to use some of these fun, girlie, decorating ideas.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Goodbye pic of one of my favorite pieces.
Today I packed up and shipped off one of my favorite paintings, to it's new home, in Colorado. I made it early in the "Living Water" series. It had been in a show at UBS financial for a couple of months, so I had not seen it in a while.  When I walked into the foyer of the building and saw it hanging, I let out a little gasp. It was like a glowing pearl, hanging on a smooth, contemporary, dark wood wall.
 When I began "Living Water", I did not know in what direction the series would go. It has evolved considerably since this piece was completed. It is still changing. With a name like "Living Water" change just seems providential.
"Living Water 25", 24"x24", oil on panel

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gettin' Hot' and having fun

All in order and ready.
On Monday I had an amazing coterie of talented artists come to my studio for "Gettin Hot", my introductory,  encaustic workshop. I had everything in order and was super excited about this group.
I was not disappointed! These seven women came in and really rocked the waxy goodness! Adele, and Buble were serenading us and Joy Green (the poodle) was begging to join in the festivities. We had so much fun they asked to spend the night! I think they were only half kidding but I was inclined to say yes. When you have a group you immediately click with, you just want the fun to continue!
Alas, everyone did go home, and I collapsed into my regular, after workshop stupor. 
Today I am recovering, planning and looking forward to my next workshop with this gang. They ALL advanced to the next level.
 I can't wait!