Monday, October 3, 2011

Going To Work

One month ago I was fortunate enough to find a space to paint, outside of my home studio. While it is small, (cozy) it fills the need for me now. I feel like I am actually going to work as opposed to painting upstairs at home. My home studio is much more spacious, light filled and I really, really love it. The new studio is small, dark-ish, with multiple clip on lights for my work areas, and has an urban feel.
It is interesting to me how not being in my house gives me a feeling of validation. Maybe is is because for years I drove to my workplace, before I chose to be a stay at home mom. Maybe it is because the house hold chores and duties don't call to me from the kitchen and laundry room, when I am in the new space. Maybe it is verbalizing to my friends and family when they call asking where I am, "I am at work".
Whatever the case may be I can no longer pontificate about it, because I need to go to work!