Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Salvage", art journal.

Every day, my mail box has at least two or three items of junk mail. Most of the time there is waaaay more junk, than actual mail.

                                   I decided to see what I could make out of the junk
I slathered on plenty of gesso
You can still see ghosts of the images
Then I used stencils, stamps, panpastels, ink, and paint to make backgrounds
Everything was placed outside to dry
This neat stack did not last long
Old bits of silk sari ribbon, lace and paper cutouts, were sewn to the pages, using the zigzag stitch, on my sewing machine (plus I just did some stitching on the pages for fun)

I needed to use something a little stronger for the covers...
Rolex obliged me with a couple of thick post card mailings.. (Dunno why they sent me post cards, I have never owned a Rolex and never intend to)

I decided to sew in envelops on the inside front, and inside back covers, for "stuff". Then I punched holes, and did a really simple binding with black, silk sari ribbon. I added a key charm just for fun
back cover
Front cover, embellished with stamping, doodles, old lace, stitching, text from vintage hymnals and watercolor pencils.
This project was so much fun! I can't wait to fill it with lots of fun journal entry's!
 (God don't make no Junk) 


Monday, November 14, 2011

Spirit, Soul, Body

Spirit, soul, body are the elements that make up the human "person". It was a natural progression for me to create the series, "Spirit, Soul, Body" in encaustic.

The application of wax, incising and scraping back, bring to mind the layers of our psyche, spirit, soul and body.
Circular progression is reminiscent of the concept that the spirit is our innermost being, the spirit wears the soul (which is our mind, will, and emotions) and the soul wears the body. Layers that make up who and what we are and will become.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Going To Work

One month ago I was fortunate enough to find a space to paint, outside of my home studio. While it is small, (cozy) it fills the need for me now. I feel like I am actually going to work as opposed to painting upstairs at home. My home studio is much more spacious, light filled and I really, really love it. The new studio is small, dark-ish, with multiple clip on lights for my work areas, and has an urban feel.
It is interesting to me how not being in my house gives me a feeling of validation. Maybe is is because for years I drove to my workplace, before I chose to be a stay at home mom. Maybe it is because the house hold chores and duties don't call to me from the kitchen and laundry room, when I am in the new space. Maybe it is verbalizing to my friends and family when they call asking where I am, "I am at work".
Whatever the case may be I can no longer pontificate about it, because I need to go to work!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friends and joy

For the past two days I have had friends come to my home. They both were artsy and they both had lunch. One brought her darling hubby and one came alone. I shared my home, studio and food with both. With one I was extremely nervous because she is one of the artists I look up to as a leader and innovator. The other is an amazing woman and friend who wanted to come to my studio, to paint and get some help with a piece she had started.
One was passing through, on her way home from a family trip. The other lives in my city, goes to my church and led my son on a life changing trip to Haiti.
While I was the one rushing around, getting the house in order and preparing food and they were the ones who benefited from help with their art, and a nice lunch, I know that I was actually the most blessed.
Sharing, giving and serving, (especially with people you care about) really does bring the blessing back to you. That is why I firmly believe that "the seed you sow determines the fruit you bear".
Sow good seed.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The television in my studio.

My studio is a lovely space with high ceilings and dormer windows that bring in lots of light. I am very blessed to have it.  It is a space that any artist would love.
There is one issue with it, the large flat screen television that takes up an entire wall.
When my husband built my studio, I did not realize what I was doing when I offered to have the TV in there.  I kept thinking about how clean my living room would be without the constant mess of the TV watchers. For some reason I just didn't put much thought into the fact that the studio was supposed to be my workspace. A place where creativity reigns and there are no distractions. Actually I don't know what I was thinking.
Today, as I was endeavoring to make art, I experienced a motivational speaker, golf, tennis, and finally a movie about clones. This is not mentioning the multiple commercials, and channel surfing.
The worst are the news channels, various political talk shows, sports talk shows and even a few reality shows.  It makes for a very uninspiring atmosphere for creating fine art... Or really any type of art.
So, when you see the art I have made over the past several days, please be understanding of the fact that I am toiling away in extreme situations.
I hope you like my painting of a tennis player, holding a golf club while crying about the economic crisis.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Business and artists are diametrically opposing forces. We just want to be in the studio, making art. For the most part our brains just don't work in the business format.
Pricing has always a difficult part of selling my art. Initially I set pricing in relation to the size of the piece. Then when different galleries come into play, their pricing changes how much I profit on the paintings. Most galleries sell on a percentage basis. The percentage varies from gallery, to gallery.
Then you have the gallery that wants to purchase the paintings wholesale and sell you paintings at their retail cost. That would seem to me to be the price I make at other galleries with the percentage subtracted.  Then negotiating comes into play and the whole issue comes down to how much I will settle for. If it is a time when I really need the cash I ultimately do settle. If I am not in need then I wait and hold on to the piece. It sits in storage and I dust it from time to time.
So... To sell, to keep, to profit more or profit less. In a perfect world I would keep all of my paintings, giving a few away to friends and worthy causes. But this world is not perfect and I am really thankful that people actually want to pay me for my artistic efforts.
I guess I need to do a little reformatting of this art brain.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Wax and a Hammer

Yesterday morning I arose with a purpose. I was determined 
to make a piece of art using techniques I learned in 
Encausticamp 2011, combined with a new material I have 
been wanting to incorporate into a painting. 
I was in full on creative mode all day. I even pulled out 
my trusty Dremel Multi Pro
By early afternoon the hot wax was flowing and I was pounding out copper wire. There was a creative party going on inside my brain. As the piece was birthed, it changed (as many of my works do) into something I had not really planned. It became, (in my opinion) even better than what I first thought it could be. 
With the addition of a small photo cameo, it turned into something that could be done as a commemoration of an event, with multiple cameo's being hung from the wires, or even an alternative family portrait. 
While my sweet husband thinks I am on the outer edge of the innovative curve, I know that someone has to push the limits. 
As an artist I endeavor to pioneer new ideas, and continuously challenge myself to make new, different art. I don't forsake what has been successful in the past but I do keep my eye on the future. That is what has brought me to the place I am now and what will carry me into where I want to be.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Encausticamp 2011"

 It had been a looong time since I went to camp. My predominant memory of childhood camp is hundreds of granddaddy-long-legs spiders, swarming in the rafters above our heads. We would burrow deep into our sleeping bags, covering our faces just in case those dreaded critters decided to pay us a visit while we slept.
 Encausticamp memories are totally different. Days filled with creative, fun, yummy meals and sleeping in a comfy (spider free) bed. 
 Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch facilitated an amazing event. Her delightful personality and incredible knowledge created a synergy between instructors and participants I have seldom experienced in a workshop.  We did not want it to end. 
The level of instruction and ability of the participants was stellar. There was a sharing of knowledge, ideas, laughter and fun.
It was my first time to visit the Portland/Salem, Oregon area.  I fell in love with it's beauty and the amazing people I met there.
I will definitely be back.